Raggio Verde for Home Decoration


Raggio Verde Home Decoration

Green marble

Natural de-carved decoration, fresh and natural tones, is the first choice for home decoration that is highly respected by the public today, using the natural texture of marble to create a green and comfortable space.

There are two main styles, 


one is emerald green, the overall elegance is like a vast galaxy, natural freehand, smart and free, decorating a simple and elegant living space, subtle yet elegant. 

The second is dark green, the silky green and the ink color are closely interlocked, perfectly combined, integrated with each other, and add color to each other, not only has the thickness of the ink color, but also has the freshness of the green.

Dark green

elegant and beautiful

It is the first feeling that the dark green love marble home decoration effect gives people.

Fresh and elegant pattern,

Add a calm and atmospheric color to the overall home decoration style.

Dark green love is the perfect combination of color and green.

So that the dark green love has the thickness of the dark color,

Also has a green freshness.

The slightest green and ink are closely intertwined,

In the fusion of each other, they add beauty to each other.

It shows the heaviness of life and gives people unlimited space for imagination.