Volakas Project in VN


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Volakas  is a classy mansion. Prince White is a building used for tranquility, and the interior is overdone, with precious wine, jewelry, toilets, and bonsai.

Several advantages of Volakas.
1. Volakas has good processability, sound insulation and heat insulation, can be further processed and applied, and is an excellent building decoration material.
2. Fine texture, high processing adaptability, low hardness, easy to carve, suitable for carving and special-shaped materials.

3. The texture is unique, with special landscape lines, and has good decorative performance. In the trend of the lines and the texture of the texture, there are traces of prehistoric civilization, but its overall shape can be described as "modern fashion". It highlights a master-level design style, and fully expresses the honor, elegance and top-level product characteristics, because it is deeply loved by many architects.

Several disadvantages of Volakas
1. Because the marble material is relatively loose, the texture is soft and the water absorption rate is relatively high.
2. There are many textures, so in the process of processing, transportation, installation and use, various pollution and warping deformation, easy to lose light and other phenomena are prone to occur, which affects the decorative effect.
3. Volakas stone contains calcium oxide, which reacts with rainwater to form calcium carbide. Because the volume of calcium carbide will increase relative to calcium oxide, it will destroy the surface of the stone and cause cracks; the alkali contained in the cement will erode and cause the stone to lose its color. and damaged, so it must be waterproofed when applied to the ground, or primer should be applied to make it seal and resist alkali.
(1) The stone is white stone, which is easy to be polluted. It is best to add antifouling agent to the back of the stone.
(2) Its stone material is easy to deform, such as curved plate, it is best to install it as soon as possible after processing.

(3) The color difference of this stone is large, and the pattern is too dense or flaky, which affects its utilization rate.