The 23RD China Xiamen International Stone Fair with Stonelink successfully concluded


The 23RD China Xiamen International Stone Fair with Stonelink successfully concluded


Xiamen Stonelink is a well-established stone supplier based in China that specializes in the production and distribution of high-quality natural and engineered stones. The company has a wide range of products that cater to different tastes and preferences, including marble, granite, quartzite, sandstone, and other stones. Xiamen Stonelink has a reputation for delivering exceptional products and services, which has earned it a loyal customer base both locally and internationally.

The China Xiamen International Stone Fair is a significant event in the stone industry that brings together manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers from all over the world. It provides a platform for industry players to showcase their latest products, meet potential customers, and establish business relationships. Many companies use the fair as an opportunity to reach new markets, showcase their expertise, and build their brand reputation.

Xiamen Stonelink's participation in the 23RD China Xiamen International Stone Fair was a strategic move aimed at expanding its reach and showcasing our latest products. The company's main and latest products, such as Raggio Verde, Blue Water, Velvet Red quartzite, Bianco Oro, Bianco Vena, Lazy Sundy, Travertino Classico, Italian Silver Travertine, Corallo quartzite, South Beach Avocado, and Pesca Venato, were prominently displayed in our well-decorated booth. The booth attracted a lot of attention from visitors, who were impressed by the natural beauty of the stones on display.

The company's team members were knowledgeable and passionate about their products, answering questions, and providing visitors with in-depth information about the stones on display. This helped to create a positive impression on visitors, making them more likely to consider Xiamen Stonelink as a reliable supplier of high-quality stones.

Hosting after-parties every night in our office and showroom in Xiamen Sea World was another smart move by Xiamen Stonelink. These parties allowed the company to connect with potential customers and friends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, where we could showcase more products and samples that we could not display in our booth on the stone fair. This helped to create a lasting impression on visitors and strengthened the company's relationships with its existing customers.

Xiamen Stonelink's successful participation in the 23RD China Xiamen International Stone Fair is a testament to the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. By showcasing our main and latest products, engaging with visitors, and hosting after-parties, Xiamen Stonelink has established its presence in the stone industry and positioned ourselves for continued growth and success in the future.