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Marble Tiles

Stonelink has a wide range choices of marble tiles which can fulfill all you need. Marble tiles have many uses, only one of which is the use of this stone for interior decoration; Stairs and stairs the floor of the building columns the kitchen Bathroom and toilet
Since marble tiles have a high color variation due to the presence of compounds inside these rocks, the combination of different colors of marble stones can be used in building facades. Marble stones are in green, white, black, dark honey, yellow, brown, and so on. The green color of marble is due to the presence of mineral action like in tithe combination of these colors together can be a great effect for the building.
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We have Marble Tiles made from our factory in China as our popular product in the market, which is not only of good quality but also low price. Additionally, our products have 3 Years Warranty. Xiamen Stonelink is known as one of the famous customized Marble Tiles manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are strong companies, that have a good controlling system and the potential in development. Welcome to ask for free samples from us!