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Marble Mosaics

Marble mosaic is made of natural stone through a special process, without adding any chemical dyes. Th marble mosaic well retains the unique and simple color of the stone itself. This natural marble mosaic makes people in the space constructed by the unpretentious color and excellent natural texture, and will naturally forget the glitz in reality. And the hustle and bustle, in this space blurred by time, you can experience the truth and simplicity.Due to the small size of marble mosaics, some puzzles can be made to produce gradient effects. Marble mosaics are mainly used for wall and floor decoration. Due to the small unit area of a single piece of mosaic, a wide variety of colors, and infinite combinations, it can fully express the designer's modeling and design inspiration, and fully display its unique artistic charm and personality. It is widely used in hotels, hotels, bars, stations, swimming pools, entertainment venues, home walls and floors, art parquet and so on.
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