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Granite Tiles

Stonelink is a granite supplier and manufacturer in China. Stonelink supply the high quality Granite tiles. Stonelink has been in stone industry for almost 10 years with a professional team that over 10 years experience with strict quality control and competitive price, stonelink has been exported the Granite Countertops products to Australia, to New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, USA, Canada, etc. with strong technical support. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible service that we can offer.
Granite tiles has high density, high hardness and strong surface wear resistance, which reduces the possibility of hiding dirt to a certain extent.  The results show that granite has good antibacterial regeneration ability among all materials that can be used for outdoor ground.  
Granite tile is a natural stone with a history of hundreds of years around the world, but it has only been used for home decoration for nearly 40 years.  The durability of granite tiles compared to other products will make them the most affordable option.  
Granite has wonderful color changes that artificial goods cannot imitate.  It can create a personalized style.  If you look closely, you'll notice that the color of the granite tiles changes with the light in the room.  
Granite tiles are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with soapy water.  Because stone particle is fine, pore is small, not easy to dye.  Once sealed or polished, granite is well waterproof.  Every 1-3 years to seal from the beginning, and timely removal of surface stains, so that it is restored to its original state, maintenance method is very simple.  
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We have Granite Tiles made from our factory in China as our popular product in the market, which is not only of good quality but also low price. Additionally, our products have 3 Years Warranty. Xiamen Stonelink is known as one of the famous customized Granite Tiles manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are strong companies, that have a good controlling system and the potential in development. Welcome to ask for free samples from us!