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Granite Countertops

Stonelink is a Marble and granite supplier and manufacturer in China. Stonelink supply the high quality Granite Countertops. Stonelink has been in stone industry for almost 10 years with a professional team that over 10 years experience with strict quality control and competitive price, stonelink has been exported the Granite Countertops products to Australia, to New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, USA, Canada, etc. with strong technical support.

Granite countertops have become an integral part of all modern kitchens. Provides a unique look for every type of kitchen setup. The beauty of granite is that it is available in different colors, from light to dark.

Durable – Granite countertops are more durable than other countertops on other stones. They are also resistant to heat and stains. That means they have a longer life expectancy than the other moles. They also require less attention and maintenance.  It looks unique and beautiful – granite countertops can highlight the beauty and appearance of every home. They are available in a variety of colors and you can easily find the decor that suits your decor by adding value to your kitchen. Granite countertops  are environmentally friendly and maintain their natural appearance for a long time.  Affordable – Granite is more economical compared to other stones. The increase in demand led to an increase in supply and made it accessible to all. Another advantage is that it does not lose value over time. 

Resists Bacteria and Dirt.The surface of these moles cannot be pierced, that is they take no object. This helps protect the kitchen or bathroom from dirt and does not contain bacteria and other particles that usually occur on sheets of other materials. Leaks can be easily cleaned thanks to the smooth and watertight surface.  Cost efficient: Other counterparts cost less compared to granite but they require to be repaired and replaced more often. Finally, well-made granite countertops are more economical. 

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We have Granite Countertops made from our factory in China as our popular product in the market, which is not only of good quality but also low price. Additionally, our products have 3 Years Warranty. Xiamen Stonelink is known as one of the famous customized Granite Countertops manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are strong companies, that have a good controlling system and the potential in development. Welcome to ask for free samples from us!